Top 3 virtual assistants to boost your productivity 

Tecnología 02 de marzo de 2021

As a ruke, new technologies are developed due to the need to simplify some processes and optimize our time. Many inventors are driven by the common sense of laziness. It is much easier to automate some action and entrust it to electronics than to regularly perform it yourself, agree? And we must say that this approach works well. The same logic applies to modern applications today. In this post, we are going to share with you some of the applications that are aimed at increasing personal efficiency and productivity users. Check out short reviews and pick your personal virtual assistant.

#1 - Pocket

When surfing the Internet, it is extremely easy to get distracted from your main goal or task. You may open your browser more than once and after 5 minutes find yourself on a wrong page, reading articles about gadgets, achievements of mankind, or latest news. To avoid this, you can just use Pocket. This app serves as an indian virtual assistant and will help you “bookmark” any page in one click for its further reading offline. In such a way, you can kill two birds with one stone: make a database of interesting articles for offline reading witout being distracted from work.

#2 - Trello

It is likely that you have already used Trello. It is one of the best solutions for task execution and project panning. The interface of the app allows you to quickly determine which tasks have been completed, which are being executed, and which are planned in the future. The utility developers compare their product to a real board, where you can create a team plan and follow it.

#3 - Loop

Unlike many time management utilities, Loop doesn't just create a to-do list for a day or week; it seeks to build your habits. The app has a minimalistic yet functional design. Some of the most useful features of Loop are the ability to track your progress on a calendar and get insight into the stability of your habits. Despite the fact that the program was created by an independent development team that does not even accept donations, Loop quickly gained a leading position in the Google Play tops.

#4 - Rescue Time

The main goal of the app is to help you maximize your benefits as per the list. The solution analyzes your day, determines how you spend your time, you better understand how your time is allocated. Rescue Time is a real digital helper when it comes to time optimization. The app sends you reminders, provides detailed reports, and scores your performance. 

#5 - Sanebox

Checking inbox emails most probably takes up a lot of your time. Luckily, there is Sanebox app, which makes mailboxes smarter. The solution uses artificial intelligence to sort out “important” inboxes from “unimportant” ones. The first ones are delivered to you immediately, while the latter remains in the daily digest, which you can scroll through in your free time. The utility easily integrates into any email service and works fine with most popular services.


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