What Is CNA Test Prep and How Is It Advantageous to use PrepAway for Your Career?

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There is lot of professions in the medicinal field and nursing is one of them. There are a lot of people in the world who want to make nursing as a career choice so that they can help people who are in need. Nursing can also be a step towards becoming a doctor.
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Nursing is a noble profession and needs a lot of dedication and training. Becoming a nurse means that the person has to look after the patient when the doctor is not available. CNA or a certified nursing assistant is the assistant to the nurses. Most people become nursing assistants before they actually go for their nursing exam. Becoming a nursing assistant also takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The candidates have to pass CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant admission test in order to get into the training schools and then they need to pass CNA certification exam to qualify as a nursing assistant.
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If you are someone who is passionate about becoming a nurse and wants to take admission in the top training school, you will need to score well in your CNA admission test. In this article, we will try to understand what CNA exam is and why is it so popular amongst the nursing students.

What Is CNA admission test?

The students who want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant need to go through some training before they can apply for the certification exam. This training is done at the training schools that teach the students about various techniques that they will have to showcase in their main exam. Most of these schools only want talented students to be a part of their program and hence they require all the students to sit for the entrance exam. The candidates who qualify in the exam can be a part of the nursing school and can be coached to enhance their skills.

CNAtest is different for different institutes. Most of the tests will analyze your basic ability in math, English and sometimes science. The math and English is high school level which is easy to crack. You might need to have some knowledge in the science subject to crack the entrance test. We will be discussing more about the test and how to crack it in the sections below.

Why Is It So Popular Among Candidates?

Most of the nursing candidates prefer to go for CNAtest for the following two reasons:

1. Easier Than the Other Exams

CNAtest is much easier than the other nursing entrance test. This makes it a choice for most of the students and aspirants out there. If they are not able to clear the nursing admission test, they can still study and clear CNA admission test and get the required knowledge and get certified as a nursing assistant.

2. Start for a Great Career

The goals of each student getting into the nursing profession are different. However, CNA test is the first and the easiest step towards it. If you want to have a career as a certified nurse, having an experience as an assistant will help you get through nursing school. You can even apply for medical school with this experience. Hence it is a great start to the career in the field of medicine.

Other Information about Certified Nursing Assistant admission test

Let us know some of the important information about CNAtest.

●       Test Pattern

The test pattern can vary from school to school. In general, the candidates are given Multiple Choice Questions in subjects including English, Science and Math. The candidates are scored on their analytical skills. The candidates have to score a minimum percentage to qualify the exams.

●       Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria are similar in almost all the schools. The candidate needs to be a high school graduate or needs to have a degree that is equivalent to it. Apart from this, no other qualification is required.

●       Fee

The fee is also different from school to school. However, it is pretty affordable for students of all kinds.

●       Study Material

The candidates can download the syllabus for the exam from the official websites of the schools they are applying in. Once you have done that, you will be able to find numerous online and offline sources to prepare for the exam. Prepaway CNA practice test questions are the most popular and leading resource to prepare.

What Are the Advantages?

The one and the only major advantage of giving CAN admission test is that you will have all the knowledge to pass your CNA test and will be able to become a certified nursing assistant. During the course you will learn skills such as:

  1. Personal care;
  2. Mental health needs;
  3. Use of restorative devices;
  4. General nursing skills;
  5. Theoretical knowledge. 

These skills will be measured in the certification exam that you will pass. You will have to pay a lot of attention on the skills that are being taught during the course. These skills are measured and tested in two sections, practical and theoretical.

To Sum Up

To conclude, it is important to attend the training in order for you to be eligible to sit for CNAtest. There are some schools that take all the students and do not have entrance exams. However, to get into a good nursing school and to learn from the best of the best, taking this admission test is a necessity. Since this test is not very difficult, the candidates will not have any problem preparing for it or finding the study material for it. One of the things that every candidate needs to do is solve enough practice papers before the test. You can pass the test once every session and hence you need to solve as many practice tests as possible. Most of them are available online and sometimes are also available on the websites of the schools. Having CNA certificate is a big step towards your career goal.

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